The Tea Break

Hello fellow tea lovers, today I'm going to blog about the most anticipated time during any work day, the tea break (inspired by my leave of absence, which I'm referring to as my tea break).

For just over a month now I have been employed (hooray), I'm back to being a working class hero, chasing that paper to pay the bills. The job is going great and i'm thoroughly enjoying myself apart from one particular thing... the tea break. Working anything over 4 hours and you're entitled to a 15 minute break and working anything over 8 hours entitles you to a further 30 minutes. I have had the pleasure to work both and have serious problems with that pesky 15 minute break, heres why.

How the (insert expletive here) am I supposed to enjoy a cup of tea in 15 minutes? I say 15 but its really 11 after walking to and from the canteen. So in 11 minutes, I have to brew and drink my tea, possible but impossible to enjoy. 

In addition there is also this equally bad problem. Work provide tea bags for the employees to use, however, these tea bags are unboxed (brand unknown), and left out for the air to ruin them. This has resulted in me taking my own box of assorted teas in, taken from my packeted Twinings selection. How is that a bad problem I hear you ask? Well, I need to make a stop at my locker to grab a tea bag first, so theres another 2 minutes so really I have 9 minutes to brew, drink AND enjoy my cup. 

I appreciate that the the half hour break is fine, I can comfortably enjoy my cup in peace BUT I just don't know what to do with that 15 minute break. It is in my opinion that here in England of all places, any break at work should be long enough to enjoy a cup of tea. 

Do any of you guys have any ideas what I should do? Should I maybe make a cold brew tea so at least I'm getting my fix and leave the hot cups for the longer breaks? Also, do any of you have similar issues or agree/disagree with me here? 

Until next time, 

The Damn Good Tea Blogger



  1. Hello! I discovered this blog with this post, I share a similar problem, I can enjoy a real tea break only if I have an hour to spare. Anyway a suggestion that I can give you may be to bring with you a Thermos with hot water, and enjoy your tea at your work deskdirectly (I don't what kind of job you have, so actually I don't know if you have a work desk, sorry).

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