University students up and down the country will be going off the rails this week as they participate in the annual "Fresher’s Week" and we can be certain of a few things... They will not attend those 9am lectures, their hangover game will be strong, and they will get Fresher’s Flu.

Although medicine cabinets should be stocked to help relieve illness, I believe tea is a fantastic and natural way at helping to fight the symptoms of illness too! Below, I'm going to outline a few teas I think all students should have stocked in their kitchens. As I go into my fourth year of study, these teas have helped me out for the past 3-year and will continue to help me out in my future university life.

Peppermint Tea
For those who are susceptible to an upset stomach during a hangover or just in general, peppermint is the king of relieving pains and cramps. I believe this is a must have for any tea drinker to have in their collection when it comes to fighting off illness. 

Green Tea
During illness it’s very important to stay hydrated, especially after sickness. Drinking green tea is a great way to take on fluids and antioxidants to perk you up without drinking any harsh flavours that could worsen how you feel.

Lemon & Ginger
This is another great tea to have at hand when you’re not feeling well. Lemon and ginger work as a double act, lemon soothing the throat and ginger bringing relief from vomiting and nausea; this will be your best bet when Fresher’s Flu hits. 

Liquorice Tea
A very odd taste, but another great tea at helping to fight cold and flu symptoms. Another great thing about liquorice tea is that it can help to prevent stomach ulcers and so promotes a healthy stomach.

These are just a few of the teas that have helped me out through the years when illness or a hangover has struck me down. Don't always rely on teas to get you through, although they are magical, proper medication should be taken to treat illnesses and should be supplemented by these teas! 

Are there any teas that have made your nausea vanish or cured your hangover? Comment below so I can try them out!

To all those at Fresher's events round the country, be safe and have fun, also drink responsibly! 

Have a damn good week everyone!

The Damn Good Tea Blogger!


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