Here Comes Autumn!

Here in England, before summer really even started it's coming to an end, and we're already seeing signs of autumn arriving. With this seasonal change, I feel my tea taste changing and the good old summer classics just aren't quenching my thirst as they once did. Throughout summer, I have enjoyed light and fruity teas, and now as the autumnal weather moves in I feel my hand reaching for deeper, warmer flavours. 

My Summer Favourites

Bluebird Tea Co: Cherry Bakewell

Who doesnt want their tea to taste like a mighty fine tart? The blend of cherry and almond is just right and actually tastes like a bakewell tart - which is always a good thing! 
Blending these falvours with a chinese white tea is such a perfect choice, the tatse is subtle and sweet and perfect for a summer afternoon! I will be restocking on this delight when spring comes around ready for the summer months!

Tea Lyra: Old Tree Yue Guan Bai, Moon Light White Pu'erh

It has really only been the past few months since I started drinking this tea I love it. I'm really sad that my tatses are changing because I could drink this forever. I have enjoyed many warm evenings with a cup of this in hand and it has been perefct. This tea is subtly floral and earthy, super refreshing and surprisingly sweet! (I could taste figs but apprently no one else could).
But like the Cherry Bakewell it has been a perfect tea for the summer and I will also be restocking up on this!

So what does Autumn bring when it comes to tea? I'm ready for more grown up, adult flavours. I have already indulged once or twice with chai tea and have been starting my mornings with cups of Earl Grey. What I'm really looking forward to is the seasonal teas, and I'm welcoming the post summer spices with open arms! 

I already have my eyes on some Pumpkin Spiced teas but what else should I be looking out for? If you have any suggestions on autumnal/wintery teas please leave a comment below. Also, what have your summer favourites been? Any that you will be restocking up on next year?

Hope you all have a damn good week!

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