To introduce my blog, I thought I would make this post about my tea habits, favourite teas, favourite things about tea and whatever else I can come up with. 

Tea Habits

Along with the majority of people in the world, I like to start my mornings off with a cup of the hot stuff to ease myself into the day. I like to chill with my first cup, enjoying in silence, sipping slowly to prolong the time before actually starting anything (the true art of procaffinating). On a morning I like to take my tea in my favourite yellow mug - I like this mug as it is chunky and easier for my tired hands to carry and lift up to my mouth. 

During the rest of the day, If I have access to a kettle I am rarely seen without a cup in my hand and a smile on my face. After a hard day of University or doing nothing, I like to end the day with either a cup of tea or copious amounts of alcohol and dancing (we may mix the former and latter in some kind of way in a later post). Just know that I drink tea all day: in bed, in the bath, on the go, everywhere! 

My Tea Journey

When I was younger I thoroughly enjoyed what I call "baby tea", the overly milky and overly sweetened tea; that is white in colour and cool to drink. From about 14/15 I reduced the number of sugars to zero and took less milk, which resulted in the perfect cup of tea. When I went to university I switched to drinking predominantly green tea, not only because other people wouldn't drink it but because I enjoyed the taste and used it as an aid to weight loss. After about a year of only drinking a hell of a lot of green tea, I tried on a few occasions to go back to the old British brew but realised I had totally gone off the taste, so I dropped milk completely and now take all tea without it. 

In addition to the change in my taste for tea, last year I also switched to drinking predominantly loose leaf tea and it has taken over my life. In just 8 months, with help from my parent's fine taste, I have over 30 different teas: black teas, white teas, rooibos teas, fruit teas and much more. 

My Favourite Teas

As mentioned above I drink lots of both green and black tea. My favourite green tea is Twinings Pure Green and after trying a few brands it has become the only one I will drink in bag form. I have a few favourite black teas but the one I drink most commonly is still Yorkshire Tea, even after the loose leaf coming into my life (and this is not only because I'm from Yorkshire but because it's the best!).  

What I Like Best About Tea

One thing I love about drinking tea is that it can be very social. Over the past few years, I have spent hundreds of hours chatting to friends and family over steaming cups of tea. Take today, for example, my family and I spent a good few hours in the middle of the North Yorkshire moors national park enjoying a spot of tea and cake - what could be better?

Lealholm, North Yorkshire, England.
In contrast to this, I love how you can have quiet moments with a cup too! I think what I'm getting at here is that everything is made better with tea. 

The last thing I love about drinking tea is all of the fancy cups and tea making equipment, but I'll leave that for another blog post, maybe? 

Do you have a favourite mug for your morning brew? Been on a tea journey like myself or love something about tea that I haven't mentioned? I'd love to hear about it so make sure to comment! 

Well that's all from me today, have a damn good week and I'll have a new post on Monday. Hope to see you all then.

The Damn Good Tea Blogger

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  1. Well my dear friend, i would say only one thing about my tea habit and that is i am over addicted, i would love to sip green tea more than orthodox tea or black tea. It is my inspiration for writing something unique about human health and tea benefits on human body.